Society’s objective :

1 – Suffer exploited in society person who lived Bncit get justice due to financial constraints, to help them provide a quick cheap or accessible justice.

2 – To seminar tailored mansa legal awareness to create rule from time to time in society.

3 – Try making a compromise reconciliation of family entanglements Byapt in society on the basis of matters arising mutual reconciliation Nama.

4 – Rule reconciliation by time as well as Lok Adalat held on time, episode mega Lokadalt to resolve by agreement Providing support.

5 – Free suit mansa regime under the provisions provided for in the Constitution Providing Legal Aid.

6 – Organizing suit Avsykta to promote the teaching method established colleges and Legal Literacy Camp.

7 – To attempt to be released from being crime offenders offenses being against Byapt women and children in society,

8 – Intoxication in children are Byapt society Try to be Birt from and criminal tendency.

9– To provide information to the public regarding the new acts, rules and regulations to be adopted from time to time by the Central and state governments.

10 – Legal development of such support by working on international and national level to promote human rights organizations Due to legal irregularities are facing punishment Death selfless assistance to people.

11 – To Suniscit high Gudwatta of Legal Services for Snhusti your Mukkil.

12 – To provide you with other legal organizations or major projects, local law societies and groups by private groups who seek to be supported by the law and legal assistance.

13 – Dissemination of joint ventures, especially by a group of lawyers in the institution.

14 – The assistance in maintaining the high level of general legal education firms Visesh members of the profession and in legal matters in the interest of public legal education to support.

15 – To support members to provide the primary purpose Mutavik the needs of business is to provide financial assistance.

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